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From Dennis Hodges:

I borrowed Mom’s camera when I was eight and never actually returned it. Dad taught me composition and together we learned how to make magic in a darkroom. And it is magic.

Majored in a self-designed Humanities program where I wandered through a number of disciplines. This taught me to see the bigger picture with the relationships and connections between seemingly dissimilar items. Scored a marketing job after college, which taught me a lot about goals, passion and delivery.

Today, my work is a mashup of things I love doing: photography, speaking, teaching. All of my time in the theatre, the darkroom, choir and conference rooms has merged. I constantly look for new ways to approach life as art and help others look at life and their work differently.

My photography reflects how I view the world: as one huge creative playground where I try to capture bits and pieces to share with others. I’m not constrained by certain themes; rather I continually try new subjects as I find them. They build on one another and I find that the story is evolving. Other artists work with a mix of media; I do the same, changing techniques and cameras as the situation dictates.

One role I play is that of a catalyst who helps to bring out the creativity in others through speaking and workshops. The energy and curiosity we had as children remains a part of us; we just need to invite it out to play. 

I try to visit a new country every year and search out Mexican restaurants upon arrival. In case you’re wondering, there’s one in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.”


Dennis Hodges has established himself as one of the world’s leading contemporary photographic artists. Since borrowing his mother’s vintage Anscoflex II dual lens reflex camera at age 8 and learning the essentials of composition from his father, Hodges has spent four decades documenting “art in everyday life” in cities as diverse as Warsaw, Rome, New York and Los Angeles.

Working with a mix of photographic media, Hodges records the world as he sees it. Exploring light, shadows and relationships between textures, abstractions and highly graphical subjects like graffiti and street details, Hodges transmutes the inconsequential into fine works of art. His portfolios, unified by their visual precision, are rendered as spontaneously as his subjects dictate, in black and white or with a painterly use of color.

Dennis Hodges on what he does from Dennis Hodges on Vimeo.

Holding a Bachelor of Philosophy in Aesthetics and Humanities, Hodges is a skilled storyteller drawing on a variety of film, digital, Polaroid emulsion and darkroom techniques to create his narratives, much as painters use pastels, oils or pen and ink. His award-winning photographs have appeared in Black+White (UK), COLOR (US), Refoto (Serbia) and other prominent magazines, and in galleries across the U.S., from Oregon, Colorado and Vermont to San Francisco, Santa Fe and Minneapolis.

Born and raised in Kansas, Hodges lives in Budapest, Hungary. An avid traveler, he has explored five of the world’s seven continents and has worked extensively across Central Europe in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Romania. His goal is to visit a new country each year, and continually bring fresh cultural perspectives to his art.

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