2008 Revolutions

I’ve called them reVOlutions for a number of years now. Resolutions sound so formal and staid. Revolutions are simply more dynamic.

That I write them is fascinating to me. 1 Jan is the day after 31 Dec. Nothing more, really, yet it is so much more. The end of one thing and the beginning of another. A blank page. A clean slate. All of it. I do need some structure in my life that helps me organize my thoughts and direction and the end of the year provides just that.

Still working on my list – I give myself until the end of January to complete it to see how the year is unfolding. Just a few more days left, but I’ll get it done. I work great under pressure. Really, some of my best and most creative work comes when I’m under the gun.

My list always includes a mix of items. Last year’s list was a little too long – 13 items in all (five is better) – but it was a year in which I needed to move my life forward in many areas, hence more things to accomplish. As always, my list covered the self-required disciplines of personal, creative, spiritual, career and financial goals. Gotta maintain that balance in life, no matter how hard it is to do so at times.

2008 will be a revolutionary year for me. I can feel it already.

Just pull one weed

When I look at needing to accomplish a lot of tasks, or one really large task – like getting photos ready for a show – I remember advice I received years ago concerning weeding a garden: Simply, don’t go into the garden planning on weeding the whole thing, but rather just pull one weed. That’s it. Just one weed.

The reality is that one cannot stop at pulling just one weed, as that leads to pulling the second and the third until at some point the task is finished.

I was needing to retouch some photos the other day. A lot of photos and I was not looking forward to the size of the task or the time it was realistically going to take to complete the job. Yet it needed to be done and was going to wait for me as long as I was willing to wait to do it.

So, listening to the advice of so long ago, I sat down with the goal of retouching part of one photo. Of course I completed the whole photo and the second and the third…

You get the picture (so to speak).

What are you waiting for?

Not long ago, a friend and I were talking about my photography – the important role it plays in my life and how I desire to do something significant with it. This person asked me one question: “What are you waiting for?” That question was the catalyst I needed.

For the past while I’ve been working on my art and now the significant part begins with the launch of my web site.

I wait no more.

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