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Tapping into my creative, photographic and business skills, I regularly conduct workshops for a variety of clients – creative thinking workshops as well as photography workshops. Here’s what I can do for you:

Creative Thinking Workshops
Share your perspective.  It is unique and exclusively yours. – Dennis Hodges
Blending my artistic and business backgrounds, I lead on-site creative problem-solving workshops for businesses and other clients. Designed for small groups, these workshops are fast-paced, experiential “learning journeys” in which participants discover how to break out of established patterns of thinking and stretch their imaginations.

Using innovative brainstorming and visual techniques as catalysts, I strive to inspire corporate leaders, teams and individuals to tap their inner creative resources and generate new solutions for the challenges they face. With my international business experience, I adjust the content and pace of the workshop to the client’s English language proficiency.

Here are a few comments from workshop attendees:

Dennis always uses a variety of interactive creative tools designed to help participants share their ideas. His techniques challenge our thinking and help us open our minds to new possibilities as well as find workable solutions.       
– Ferdinand Habsburg, Managing Director, Da Vinci Learning Channel

When we decided to review our brand strategy, we turned to Dennis to facilitate new ideas about UPC Direct and how we present ourselves. His workshop was a critical step in the process. He helped us frame the discussion and led a very productive session, challenging our thinking and giving a voice to our brand. His workshop and subsequent work with our new advertising agency led to repositioning ourselves and the creation of a new brand for our most competitive markets.
– Jim Helfgott, Vice President Marketing and Sales, UPC Direct

Interested in customizing a creative problem-solving workshop for your group? Please contact me to discuss your specific needs or topic.

Photography Workshops
It’s not the camera – but rather who’s behind the camera – that counts.- Dennis Hodges

By my own admission, I am not a highly technical photographer. There are buttons on my DSLR I don’t know what they do. My favorite camera is a Diana – a plastic, fixed lens, single shutter speed basic film camera. I truly believe that the equipment is less important than the vision of the photographer.

Consequently, I teach workshops about vision, composition, feeling the light, how to see – the things that make a photograph a work of art.

Upcoming photography workshops:
Fall 2012
Lizst-Kodály Society of Spain’s Virtual Campus
It’s All About Composition
Taught in both English and Spanish, this 6-part, non-technical course teaches students composition fundamentals and challenges them to expand their vision through a mix of study, frequent shooting and critiques of their work. For more information, please go to

I conduct scheduled workshops in Europe and the U.S. and am available to teach on-site as well as to participate in artist in residency programs worldwide. Please contact me about your needs and my availability.